Why an Orthopedic Bespoke Bootmaker?

What can an orthopedic shoemaker do for you that exceeds the capabilities of most bespoke shoemakers? A couple of examples: A German orthopedic shoemaker and I visited a famous west end London bespoke shoemaker. The owner very graciously spent some time with us and we naturally talked about shoemaking techniques. We brought up some orthopedic topics. It quickly became clear that the gentleman had no idea what we were talking about. This establishment’s shoes and boots are exquisitely made, and they care a great deal about fit, individually making all of their clients’  lasts from scratch on site. So why would an orthopedic background be advantageous? In another case, a customer came to me for hiking boots. He wore a rigid brace on his collapsed ankle, called an Arizona AFO.  He previously had custom boots made from casts by another bootmaker. The boots were beautifully made and fit around his brace perfectly. I started to cast his feet, and he asked “Don’t you want to cast around the brace like the other bootmaker?”. I replied, “No, with the boots I am making, you won’t need that brace.” I explained to him that the sole would be wider than what he had before, but that he would have a lighter boot, a better gait and be more comfortable. The new boots would provide the support of the brace without unnecessarily restricting ankle movement. All of which turned out to be true.

This is the difference that an orthopedic background can provide. If you have foot problems, a trained orthopedic bespoke bootmaker can provide a more ideal result. Contact me to make a no-cost evaluative appointment.